4 Myths About Ab Workouts

No other muscle groups causes more stress than the abdominal muscles. Everyone that cares about their appearance struggles to get ripped abs and a toned core. The abdominal muscles are largely misunderstood, and there are multiple myths surrounding ab workouts and how they work.

Myth 1: Crunches Shed Belly Fat

Most people start doing crunches in hopes that their belly will shrink and that they will have sexy muscles in just a few months. It doesn’t work that way, and ab workouts do not specifically target belly fat. They build strength and muscle, but do not shed fat.

To burn belly fat you must participate in a well-rounded workout routine on a regular basis, and consume a healthy diet. many people go as far as saying that abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.

Myth 2: Core Muscles Require Special Workouts

The core muscles are the same as any other muscle in your body, they just serve a different purpose. this does not mean that they require special treatment, and they may not require special exercises. It takes training just three times per week maximum to see results, and over training will only hinder your efforts.

Numerous compound moves also strengthen the core. Jumping, squats, push ups and planks work multiple muscle groups and will give you a stronger core. Jumping not only sheds fat through cardio, but strengthens multiple muscle groups for calorie burning.

Myth 3: you need Special Equipment

You don’t need an ab wheel, ab roller or any other special equipment. you simply need your body and motivation to get things done. Equipment is nice, but it is not necessary.

Most people can’t afford the investment, so they feel as if they can never build ab muscles and shed fat. this is simply not true, and those that want a fit body should not be afraid of trying something new.

Myth 4: more is Better

In the case of abdominal workouts, more is not better. Doing abdominal moves at the end of your workout and in perfect form will be the optimal way to build ab muscles. Countless reps are simply unnecessary and futile.

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