Holiday Hottie Butt *Thigh Workout*

Good morning, good morning. Good morning! HA! Have you ever noticed on the morning news how they say “good morning” about a million times. I’m not a big fan of the news but when I do watch, that always seems to make me chuckle and puts a smile on my face! So, this is the second week of my “internet cleanse”(remember all my posts this month are pre-written). Ahhh… just thinking about it gives me butterflies. I am so excited for this experience and all I am going to learn and soon share with you :) . This week starts Part 1 of the “Holiday Hottie” series. I know what you may be thinking…”ME? A hottie?!”…and you know what I say to that, YES! Believe it sister, you are hot, sizzling, sexy and these extra moves and tips are going to make you even HOTTER! In this series you are going to receive one FREE 15min isolation workout video, that isolates one body part (which, BTW I usually only let my paying clients have access to these videos, so this means I really do love you :) ). Along with a Holiday Hottie Healthy Recipe, a couple Holiday Hottie Health Tips and a Holiday Hottie Affirmation so you can go into the holidays feeling tight, toned, calm, energized! Here is your first workout — Butt & Thighs Holiday Hottie Health Tips *Have a pre-party snack. Arriving hungry to a party makes us more likely to eat our face off. Have a piece of toast with all natural peanut butter, apple and almonds or fruit & veggie smoothie *Give yourself the one plate rule. There will ALWAYS be

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